Tarot Destiny Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Magic, Fortune-Telling

Think fortune tellers, gypsies and wagons. Now mix all of those into an awesome video slot game. That's what you get here at the Tarot Destiny Slots, so if it sounds like something that you're interested in, then be sure to keep on reading because I'm going to be going over all of the facts and statistics. There are plenty of good reasons to play here at the Tarot Destiny Slots, including their wonderful features that are going to help you win bigger than ever before. There are also great symbols and gameplay here, so this video slot basically ticks every single box that I have.

General information regarding the Tarot Destiny Slots

The first thing worth noting about the Tarot Destiny Slots is that it has been brought to us by Real Time Gaming, so the standards are going to be unbeatable. The video slot is still pretty fresh to the world of online gaming, as it only came out back in January of 2021. If you like video slots that are new and still fresh, then that is yet another good reason as to why you should try it out.

The Tarot Destiny Slots has got an RTP rate of 95%, which stands for the return to player percentage. Although it's a tiny bit under the national average of 96%, it's still a pretty good figure, so I'm super happy with it. The layout of the grid in here is 5x3, which is also pretty good. There are even 10 betways to enjoy using. As for the minimum and maximum bets, these come in at 0.1 and reach all of the way up to 25.

Features and much more

For the best features, be sure to look out for the additional free spins, regular free spins, free spin multipliers, the hold and spins, the lock it links, the multipliers, respins, scatter symbols and wild symbols. There are so many wonderful things going on here, you would be mad not to test them out. Give them a go before it's too late, you don't want to regret anything, do you?


To conclude, I have to admit that I really do believe that the Tarot Destiny Slots is a one of a kind video slot that I think every single person should try out. There are not many reasons as to why you shouldn't give it a go, as I have previously mentioned, so give them a go today and make your own opinion. Let me know how it goes, and remember to stay safe when gaming at the Tarot Destiny Slots!