Pyramid Pets Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Ancient Egypt, Animals

Pyramid Pets is a video slot machine, with 20 paylines and 5 reels. What surprised me the most about this game is its theme featuring pets in ancient Egypt. The graphics showcase animals like cats, dogs and birds along with symbols such as eyes, scarabs and ankhs. When you start playing Pyramid Pets you have the option to bet as $0.01 per spin or go big by wagering up to $100 on all 20 lines. If you're lucky enough to land symbols on a payline you'll be rewarded with a fantastic payout. It can be disappointing when the first two reels don't align perfectly. Don't lose hope because theres still a chance of winning scatter prizes! One of the highlights of this slot game is that it immerses you in the world of Egypt through its cat, dog and bird symbols accompanied by sounds.

Adorable symbols and theme

As, for the theme and symbols themselves Pyramid Pets combines two concepts; animals and ancient Egypt. Picture yourself in a desert landscape adorned with pyramids and palm trees while encountering cats, dogs and birds dressed up in attire.

These adorable pets will captivate your attention making it hard to look away, from the screen. You'll also discover elements inspired by Egypt, such as intriguing writings, scarabs and majestic pharaohs. This slot game is very perfect for players who appreciate vibrant visuals while also enjoying tales of Egypt. It has an humorous atmosphere as the pets take on the role of characters and engage in amusing antics on the reels.

Betting and How to Play;

Select Your Wager; Choose a bet that aligns with your desired spending amount and playing style. You have the flexibility to adjust both the number of lines you bet on. The value assigned to each coin. Whether you prefer going as low as $0.01 or betting up to $5 per line it's entirely up to you.

Double Up for Extra Excitement;

To enhance your gaming experience take advantage of the double up feature. It's a thrilling gamble where you can potentially double your winnings or risk losing them altogether. You can indulge in this exhilarating option, up to five times.

Maximize Free Spins; Strive to activate the free spins feature frequently as possible. This is where incredible multipliers come into play offering winning potential. To trigger this feature keep an eye out for three pawprint scatters.

Additional features

The Pyramid Pets slot game offers a bonus called Free Games. You can activate this bonus by getting three or more scatter symbols on the reels. In addition, to the Free Games bonus this game also includes Cascading Wins, which you achieve by landing winning combinations. Each consecutive cascade will trigger another bonus round called Pharaoh Multiplier Feature on Pyramid Pets by RTG. These extra bonuses add to the entertainment value of the game. Give you an opportunity to earn some payouts.

Cascading feature, free spins and multipliers

The game has three bonus features – cascading feature, free spins and multipliers. Whenever you spin and win the symbols responsible for your win disappear from the screen and new symbols fall down from above to fill their place. This continues until no wins are achieved.

Free Spins, with Scatter Symbols

This feature works similarly to the spins feature. If you manage to get three scatter symbols on yours pay line you'll to be rewarded with some games. Wins are counted from left to right. The highest boost possible is a 15x multiplier.

Pyramid Pets is a slot game featuring charming and playful themes. You'll be greeted by pets, with shimmering eyes that seem to gaze at you. Moreover you'll encounter elements inspired by Egypt like hieroglyphics and the Eye of Ra. Beyond the symbols themselves the games graphics are also remarkably appealing. The background and characters are meticulously. Visually pleasing. In fact the gameplay itself is both seamless and exhilarating.