Planet of the Roos Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Animals, Fantasy

Embark, on an adventure into the world of the Wild Roo King with this captivating slot game. It features a 5 x 3 reels grid and with 25 paylines offering thrilling spins that take you on a journey of discovery. Prepare to be mesmerized by the visuals and celestial sounds that transport you to a universe where golden fortunes await amidst shining stars. The majestic Roo King rules over this empire and with each spin you'll embark on an odyssey filled with excitement. Step into the enchanting Planet of the Roos, where the backdrop showcases planets and shimmering stars creating a breathtaking experience. Get ready for a gaming experience from RealTime Gaming as they introduce Planet of the Roos! There are 25 paylines providing opportunities to secure wins. With features like Roo Palace Scatters, Oversized Symbols, Free Spins, Extra Scatters and Golden Roo Coin Bonuses triggering Hold and Spin mechanics your chances of winning big are enhanced while adding a level of excitement, to your gameplay.

If all of this piques your curiosity you might feel inclined to don a space suit and embark on a journey, in search of the legendary slot machine.

Theme and design

As the loading screen appears you'll find yourself immersed in a landscape adorned with greenery. Towering trees seem to touch the sky while futuristic spires twist and turn around them. Though initially serene there's an ambiance that adds a touch to the atmosphere. When it comes to the game design it's as reliable as can be as is typical for RTG.

Symbols featuring Roos

The symbols in Planet of the 'Roos are as extraordinary as its space setting. You'll encounter an array of icons including the regal 'Roo Palace Scatter symbol and the shimmering 'Roo Coin Bonus symbol. Each symbol is exquisitely crafted to transport you into this realm where every spin holds possibilities for immense wealth.

How to play

Preparing your bet and hitting spin on Planet of the Roos feels akin to igniting your spaceships engines. You embark on an exhilarating adventure across galaxies where each spin unveils opportunities, for wins. Keep an eye out for Roo Palace Scatters; landing three triggers the Free Spins feature transforming your gameplay into a celestial extravaganza.

Roos Free Spins

Planet of the Roos offers more, than a visual experience; it takes you on a celestial journey for the soul. Marvel as the center of the galaxy changes turning reels 2 to 4 into an symbol that revolves alongside reels 1 and 5 leading to cosmic victories.

Golden Roo Coin Bonus

Prepare for a gaming adventure thats truly out of this world. Get 6 or more Roo Coin Bonus symbols to trigger the thrilling Hold and Spin feature rewarding you with 3 Re Spins to increase your fortunes. Observe as the 'Roo Coins take their place in the cosmos while the remaining reels spin offering payouts and an opportunity to win one of four Jackpots.

Hold and Spin Feature

The Golden Roo Coin Bonus activates the Hold and Spin feature when you land 6 or more Bonus symbols or an Oversized Bonus symbol, on reels 2 to 4. Experience a transformation as the gameboard becomes comprised of 15 reels. Locked Bonus symbols trigger Re Spins while Multiplier prizes and Jackpots are awarded based on collected Bonus symbols at the end of this captivating feature.

Players should also keep an eye out for the Grand Jackpot by filling all 15 reels, with Bonus symbols during Re Spins. Planet of the Roos is packed with features that're as exhilarating as a journey through the Milky Way. When Free Spins are triggered reels 2 to 4 merge together to create one symbol offering opportunities for astronomical wins. Moreover additional Scatters can grant you up to 5 Extra Free Spins! Planet of the Roos takes you deeper into the enigmatic wonders of the universe in a quest, for survival and glory.