Bonkers Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols

Bonkers is a conventional yet breath-taking gambling machine! Like other RTG classics, it is very similar to a real-life slot. Realistic graphics and sounds imitating the performance of traditional one-armed bandits contribute to the feeling. The bets in Bonkers are with coins, each ranging from $0.05 to $5.

About Bonkers & RTG

Bonkers is part of the three-reel classic slots range of RTG online casinos. It is one of very few three-reel slots machines with a free spin feature, making it a popular pick for classic slot fans. The Maximum bet is three coins a spin, and the coin sizes range from $0.05 to $5. The top jackpot payout for Bonkers varies from casino to casino and from coin size to coin size. The smaller coin sizes have a progressive jackpot, while the larger ones have a fixed-level bank. Bonkers is a conventional yet breath-taking gambling machine! Like other RTG classics, it is very similar to a real-life slot. Realistic graphics and sounds imitating the performance of traditional one-armed bandits contribute to the feeling. The bets in Bonkers are with coins ranging from $0.05 to $5, and the maximum bet is three coins. The popular slot, unlike its counterparts, features a bonus game consisting of several free spins. If it gets insane if you get away with two Bonkers logos, meaning you have three free spins, if three Bonkers symbols appear, then be ready for ten free spins!

What Are The Theme & Design of Bonkers?

All RTG classics have a design like real slot machines, and Bonkers is no different. It offers an actual one-arm bandit-styled design and will even spin the reels with classic slot machine sounds if you choose to click the arm for a few pulls. Of course, you can choose to use the standard Slot buttons, but it is fun to take a few interests with the arm once in a while.

What Are the Betting Options & Payouts?

Bets on the Bonkers slot machine are $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. You can wager up to three different coins with each spin with Bonkers, and you can bet $0.05 a spin and as much as $15 a spin. Before playing Bonkers, you must buy chips in denominations of $5, $25, or $100. Hit the Play Three Credits button to play Bonkers with a 3-coin maximum bet. Select your bets with the Bet One tab and press Spin Reel to play any other chance. The highest winning symbol on the Bonkers slot machine is the Red 7's symbol. If you hit three Red 7's on the single center payline, you will win the 1,200 coin top jackpot. With one or two coins, you'll win 200 or 400 coins for the same winning combination. The minimum coin is $0.05, while the largest is $5. You can wager as many as three coins, and this is important to do as without playing three coins, you cannot win the progressive jackpot prize. The progressive jackpot activates with any coin size, another attractive aspect of this game, and to win the top jackpot on Bonkers, and you'll need three red sevens. The next highest pay is for the three triple bars, which pay 240 coins. That provides wins for three double bars and three single bars at 90 and 45 winning coins, and they can change depending on the RTG casino.

Bonkers Free Spins

The Bonkers logos make up the three lowest pay; however, they are also the key to the bonus feature. Get two Bonkers symbols on the pay line, and you win three free spins. Get three Bonkers stamps on the payline, and you'll win ten free spins. The great thing is that each spin is a guaranteed winner. That essentially means if you hit the three free spins, you are guaranteed to get at least a nine coin win, and if you get the ten free spins, you are guaranteed a thirty coin win. You can get much bigger wins; however, they are the minimums. The free spins cannot re-trigger even if you get the two or three logos.

Bonus ReSpins

The re-spins on the offer trigger when three Bonkers icons stop on your payline. When two of them stop on the pay line, you win three re-spins. Ten re-spins will be your reward if you find three across the payline. The re-spin feature cannot be re-triggered, unfortunately. To hit the progressive jackpot prize, you'll need to land three of the reds sevens. If playing two coins, you'll win 400 coins, and one coin pays 200 coins for landing three reds sevens.

Is There Mobile a Bonkers for iOS & Android?

You can enjoy playing the fun game of Bonkers slots on a PC, and there is also a beautiful and efficient mobile version of this game. It will work exceptionally well on any modern-day tablet or smartphone, whether iOS or Android. The game is fully compatible with mobile device operating systems, and a smooth and efficient gaming experience awaits players using the mobile version. The bonkers video slot is available for real money play without downloading. You can access the site directly through your mobile browser with Instant Play mode, and the game is ideal for mobile play. It's entirely compatible with the majority of brands on the market. The mobile game works smoothly on Android devices, Apple iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, iTouch, Windows Phone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad mini, Android, and Apple iOS devices.

Instant Play for Free & Real Money

The bonkers slot is available in Instant Play mode, with no waiting or downloading necessary or required merely by utilizing the mobile device's existing software. The game is downloadable to a mobile device or a desktop/laptop. Whichever option players choose, the game performs admirably and brilliantly, with little or no waiting time to load up. Once players get a taste of the superior graphics of the mobile version, they will never turn back. You can play Bonkers for free with the demo game. It has every feature of the real money version minus the cash winnings. You won't need to register at a casino to play Bonkers for free. If you win, you'll need to set up an account to be able to claim your winning payouts. You can practice and learn the nature of the game before venturing into real money play. That way, you will be better prepared, forearmed, and forearmed! Try Bonkers slots now, and let's go crazy!


Bonkers slots will please all kinds of casino players, from high rollers to complete novices. The game symbols and immersive theme are conducive to pleasurable and enjoyable wagering, and the game also provides excellent entertainment and fun. The wagering is fun, the mobile adds extra value and options, and the theme with its beautifully crafted symbols adds an overall casino atmosphere to the game's flow and action.