Frog Fortunes Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Animals, Frogs, Nature
If you're a fan of 243 ways to win casino games, Frog Fortunes slots is a game you don't want to miss. This Asian-themed game features animals like the lizard, turtle, and bird for payouts of up to 150x. That may not seem like a lot, but it's possible to win up to 50,000x in one spin. Bonus features like bombs and cascading reels help turn it into a favorite game of slot game winners.

To play Frog Fortunes, play for fun or place real money wagers. The game design embraces all types of players. If you like to play for real money, it's easy to switch over from demo play. If you want to play on your phone or tablet, mobile play for Android and iOS devices is possible. Check out these facts about the game before reading the rest of our review.

Slot Game Developer – Real Time Gaming

  1. Slot Game Type – 5 reel bonus slot
  2. Game Theme – Asian, animals
  3. Paylines – 243
  4. Betting Options – Fixed bets of 25 cents to $25
  5. Slot Game Rating – Low volatility
  6. Game RTP – Just over 97%

What Are the Prizes in Frog Fortune Slots?

There are eight symbols on the paytable. They all pay a prize that's your bet times the value of that symbol. The payouts are:

  • Red Gems – 1, 2, or 5x
  • Purple Gems – 1, 2, or 5x
  • Green Gems – 2, 5, or 15x
  • Blue Gems – 2, 5, or 15x
  • Mammal (possibly a pangolin) – 5, 10, or 40x
  • Lizard – 5, 10, or 40x
  • Turtle – 5, 15, or 80x
  • Bird – 10, 30, or 150x

The animals only feature an animated close-up of the face. This adds an artistic touch to the game's graphic design.

Can You Win Free Spins?

You won't find a free spins bonus round. Instead, there's a cascading reels feature that follows exploding symbols. Start with the exploding symbols, as that triggers everything else.

One or more bombs may appear on the reels. One of eight blast patterns takes place when they do, and the empty spaces fill with one randomly selected symbol. The blast patterns are as follows:

  • Blast Pattern 1 – The space above or below is blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 2 – The spaces above and below are blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 3 – Three spaces around the bomb are blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 4 – Four spaces around the bomb are blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 5 – Five spaces around the bomb are blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 6 – Six spaces above and below the bomb are blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 7 – Seven spaces around the bomb are blown up.
  • Blast Pattern 8 – Eight spaces surrounding the bomb are blown up.

If the replacement symbols trigger a winning combination, the winning symbols fall from the reels, and new ones cascade into the empty spaces. This often triggers multiple winning combinations from one spin.

The game design does have five reels, but it's not your typical rectangular design with five reels and three or more rows. Instead, the grid is shaped like a honeycomb, with the second and fourth reels dropped slightly compared to the other three. As long as symbols are adjacent in some way, you get winning combinations. Play Frog Fortune slots now and discover why so many players love this bonus slot.