Crazy Dragon Slots

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3-reel, progressive, bonus

Crazy Dragon is a 3-reel, one payline classic slot game by Real-Time Gaming software developers. The slot game has a wild symbol, free spins bonuses, and a maximum top jackpot of $35,000.

About Crazy Dragon & RTG

Crazy Dragon is a 3-reel, one-payline slot that features a Progressive Jackpot and is by one of the largest casino software companies worldwide; RTG. Although the slot machine game looks traditional, it may turn out to be more complex than it might initially appear. Even though the interface and the entire game look don't look very complicated, there is a specific slot feature that can't go unnoticed. The Dragon doesn't appear as an icon but as an image on all three slot reels.

What Are The Theme & Design of Crazy Dragon?

The Crazy Dragon has a Chinese dragon theme to it. Other symbols in the game reflect that, such as the firecrackers, ying-yang image, bonsai tree, and pagoda symbols. There are only six symbols in the tournament; therefore, winning combinations are common. The Crazy Dragon slot resembles a physical slot machine within the online casino. The slot game is very symbolic and reminds you of Chinese culture. You will notice triple Bonsai Trees, Chinese Pagodas, Firecrackers, and some other things as well. You can relax and enjoy what the slot game has to offer.

What Symbols Are There in Crazy Dragon?

There are a few excellent symbols implemented in the gaming interface. Apart from the Dragon, you'll see the bonsai tree icon, the pagoda icon, the koi fish symbol, the firecracker, as well as the powerful yin yang icon. The Wild of Crazy Dragon is the Yin Yang symbol. As usual, it can replace the rest of the characters, except for the game's Scatter. The Scatter Symbol, or the gateway symbol of the game, is the Crazy Dragon. It can replace neither the Wild nor other characters of the game. However, when hit, that game symbol opens the gate to the free spins bonus game. Unfortunately, the Crazy Dragon symbol doesn't come as a single icon. Still, it divides into three separate parts that form one prominent character spread over the single payline of the reels.

What Are the Betting Options & Payouts?

You can wager three coins per spin, and the value for these coins ranges anywhere from $0.01 to $1. That essentially means that the maximum wager for this game is $3 per spin. You'll have a better chance at winning the 3,000 coin jackpot if you wager the total amount every spin. To play Crazy Dragon, buy some coins first. Click the $5, $25, or $100 tokens, and you can cash out and get your money back if you want to stop playing. Once you have the coins for the machine, you can then hit Bet One to select the amount of cash you want to play, up to three, or hit Play Three Credits to play the maximum bet and spin. Every credit is worth the fixed value of $1. Afterward, you can spin the reels by hitting the Spin Reel button. You will win a prize if you get a winning combination on the center payline.

What Are The Bonuses & Free Spins?

The Yin Yang represents the wild symbol of the game. It will replace all the other characters in the game with the expectation of the dragon symbol. Through this feature, you will land on more wins, which means more money in your bankroll. The bonus round triggers when you land on the Dragon icon on your reels. You can get some re-spins through this game feature. To initiate the re-spins, you'll wager a maximum of three coins a spin. You will win two, five, or twenty re-spins within this game feature. You will win the free spins again when you land on three powerful dragon symbols while playing this feature. When you trigger 100 Free Spins within the smashing segment, you'll get rewards with a constantly growing progressive jackpot prize. The Crazy Dragon has a unique free spins round that only activates when you play with the maximum bet per spin. To trigger the free spins or the re-spins feature, you'll need to get the Dragon's head on the first reel to win two re-spins. If you get the body, you will win five re-spins in total. If you land the tail on your third reel, you will win 20 free spins!

ReSpins Feature

The Dragon icon appears in the head, the body, and the tail. When the Dragon's head ends up landing on the first reel, players will win two free ReSpins. Then, by lighting, the body can win another five free ReSpins. Finally, you'll earn 20 free ReSpins if they manage to land the Dragon's tail as well, and that will ensure the whole Dragon appears in its entirety.

Is There a Progressive Jackpot?

The Progressive Jackpot featured in the Crazy Dragon by RTG is one of the primary characteristics that turns the game into a favorite for players worldwide. The paytable of the slot is straightforward. However, an exciting feature isn't generally available with progressive jackpot slot games. The Progressive Jackpot activates when you win a total of 100 re-spins on a single wager. A special counter allows players to monitor their progress and keep track of the total number of re-spins won. In addition, there's another way of winning the Progressive Jackpot of the Crazy Dragon. You can win it by landing three Koi Fish symbols on the reels while playing at the maximum wager.

Is There A Mobile Crazy Dragon for iOS & Android?

There is a fantastic mobile-optimized version of the Crazy Dragon slot so that you can play it anytime, anywhere with WiFi access. The game loads up to your device swiftly, and there is no lagging when you play on an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile phone. In addition, the Crazy Dragon slot machine is entirely compatible with most operating systems by iOS and Android to enjoy betting on Crazy Dragon, regardless of your gaming device.

Instant Play for Free & Real Money

Crazy Dragon slot machine offers fun and excitement, and RTG has been catering to players' needs for years. You can try playing Crazy Dragon with the demo game for free. It has all the features minus the cash winnings. You do not have to register at an RTG casino to play Crazy Dragon slots for free. However, if you get winnings, you'll need to set up an account to claim your payouts. After that, you can practice the nature of the game before venturing into money play, and you can try Crazy Dragon slots and go crazy!

What Are The RTP & Rating of Crazy Dragon?

Crazy Dragon gets a high rating of 4 out of 5 and delivers pretty frequent payouts when you access the bonuses since the RTP percentage rate is better. The medium-volatility slot has many positives, and RTG has done a fantastic job with Crazy Dragon.